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Innovation from “ElectroEcoTechnologies, LLc”for apartment houses, cottages, cafe, restaurants, swimming pools, SPA hotels resorts, various enterprises


       Developed and patented by the Russian scientists devices personify achievements of modern physics, chemistry, electronics and biology. Devices with electrochemical intelligence - electroconditioners of water are intended for complex water treatment: revitalizing + cleaning from all kinds of pollutions will protect your health, sanitary and water-heating equipment in your house, and will create necessary conditions for effective work of your enterprise

Electroconditioners of water Cascade will provide:

  • • replacement of multistage systems of the water purification which are used now, having allowed to decrease capital costs of equipment, and operational expenses counted upon unit of volume of the cleared water, at least in 2 times;
  • • purification of water from any sources, irrespective of its initial characteristics or a kind of preliminary processing, not only for water from water supply systems, but also for any fresh water from natural surface reservoirs and wells.

As against filters of other types, electroconditioners will manage with physiologically important problems of water quality which are not being solved at usual water purification, namely:

  • • will allow to correct composition of potable water bearing in mind the majority of the normalized chemical parameters, which may be checked objectively, and the characteristics which are usually being perceived subjectively and not measured by analytical instruments;
  • • will provide stability of a complex of quality characteristics of water at a level of recommended sanitary norms under various seasonal conditions, sudden emergency deterioration of a condition of water sources or pipelines;
  • • will improve structural characteristics of water having provided higher availability of water molecules to use by cells of the most various biological tissues, i.e. the best biocompatibility of water with various organic structures;
  • • will decrease redox-potential of water and as a result its bioenergetics, metabolic and immune properties will be improved as well as condition of human internal, integument, mucous membranes and hair. Development of normal microflora of a human body will be stimulated and negative consequences of a disbacteriosis will be reduced;
  • • will clean hot water.

Electroconditioners have different models and are capable:

  • • To guarantee purification of water from all kinds of microparticles: bacteria, viruses, the elementary organisms (together with products of their metabolism), particles of humus and minerals, oil and lubricants;
  • • To clear water of such toxic mineral and organic components as ions of heavy metals, phosphates, sulfides, nitrites, cyanide, mercaptans, phenols, toluene, unhealthy anions and cations;
  • • To provide individual and shared swimming pools  with turnaround water of the highest quality in which there are no such toxic and allergenic components as compounds of chlorine, ozone, peroxide of hydrogen, and also coagulants and flocсulants - the water having more high cleanliness and regenerative ability.

    Pledge of long effective work of devices is the opportunity of periodic regeneration of their fillings and electrode systems.

        Restoration of conditioner working efficiency is carried out by short-term back washing of the device by raw water. Therefore, as against the devices of water purification based on other principles, electroconditioners "CASCADE" during all term of work (i.e. many years) do not require replacement of any cartridges, membranes or sorbents.

       The important advantage of electroconditioners is that they do not pollute an environment neither in an operating time, nor at regeneration while other technologies are connected to problems of recycling of replaced working elements or infringements of ecological standards at use concentrated salts and frequently - toxic solutions.

        Delivery of small devices for water supply of apartments, summer residences and cottages, as well  as big, high-efficient installations providing supply by high-quality potable water of the various enterprises, nurseries and medical institutions, restaurants, hotels, offices and other objects is possible.